Bawo Mancala Game

Bawo Mancala Game

Website :bawogame.com

Technologies :ActionScript 3, Java SE (Current Re-build)

Source Code : /fumba/bawogame

Project Details

A Cross-platform Bawo African Mancala game application dedicated to the children of Malawi, Southern Africa. It is played on a four row board with 8 holes per row and is multiple lap game which means that if the last seed is placed in a hole already containing one or more seeds, the contents of this hole are picked up and the seeds are distributed in the same way again.

This application was developed by crowdsourcing game rules, testers and sound fx engineers via a facebook page that I created :
| Fumba Game Lab.

Press Coverage / References

The Maravi Post | Malawi student develops Bawo game software.